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 Immersive & 3D audio

At Pangram Audio, we are experts in the development, implementation and setup of immersive sound or audiovisual experiences using Sfëar, a set of 3D audio tools, that enables a streamlined and fast creative workflow, including recording and production. Sfëar was developed by Eurecat, the leading Technology Centre of Catalonia, in partnership with Pangram Audio, formerly MainBerlin, which was the first commercial studio in Europe to test and deploy the cutting-edge technology.

Using Sfëar, we can model any acoustic space by simulating it in our studio. The tools include software for spatial measurement, which allows us to capture even complex spaces and to create tailored and impressive 3D sound experiences for both headphones and speaker systems.


We have successfully delivered immersive audio experiences to permanent showrooms of companies such as Brillux and OMV and immersive visitor experiences to art museums such as Alte Pinakothek in Munich and Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona.


Our service encompasses measurement of space, concept development, audio system planning, composition, as well as production, including mixing, mastering and on-site implementation.

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